Expose your child to art

Always fun to have little ones in the studio and teaching them about art. Always encourage them to explore their creativity. You never know, it may just take off and they become the next big artist. ART LIFE is fun for all. Here is a list of several items to help introduce them to art and have fun being creative with them.
washable paints, markers, crayons, paintbrushes, modeling clay, construction paper, glue, colored tissue paper, shoe boxes, paper towel tubes, sponges, empty water bottles, chalk, paper plates, scrap paper, collage materials
Remember you have to let them have fun so they will want to continue with art. Don't make it about being perfect and when they are ready to stop just stop right in the process. You can always pick back up later and make it something fun to finish together. Art allows for them to be creative express social skills and promote imagination, dreams and thought patterns they can build on as they grow. They may never become artist but engineers, designers, programmers, directors, actors, who knows. All we know is art gives us a blank canvas to have fun and paint our own future. Take a child to the museum and let them learn and explore and watch them grow.


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