Mural on Canvas

A mural is a painted art work that most of the time is applied directly to the wall indoors or outdoors, ceilings or other surfaces. Today with the cost of murals and the ever changing seasons either in business or life a mobile mural works best. A mobile mural can be on wood boards, concrete boards, plastic panels, or over sized canvas that can be attached to a wall. 

A mural can be a conversation piece in any office, home, business, factory or city government setting. There are several benefits of having a mural in each setting for your workers it can be a calming and inspiring inspiration. At home it can help relax and sooth your day from stress, and in the right city setting it can attract tourism and beautify the downtown area.  
Wikipedia sums it up like this...
Murals can have a dramatic impact whether consciously or subconsciously on the attitudes of passers by, when they are added to areas where people live and work. It can also be argued that the presence of large, public murals can add aesthetic improvement to the daily lives of residents or that of employees at a corporate venue.
Maybe you are considering a mural for your next project and need more information about how to get started. We offer a mural consultation to our clients to help them with creation and implementation. If you can think it, we can paint it. 

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